Stoneware Glazes 1200 - 1260°C 8226 Celadon Green

Product Number: 8226
Firing Range: 1200 - 1260°C
Colour: Green
Finish: Shiny  

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The type of the surface of our glazes depends on the firing temperature. The specified value therefore relates to the glaze surface as it arises under our firing conditions at an average temperature (based on the specified firing range).
In particular, stoneware glazes tend to fire out more matt at a lower firing temperature. When the firing temperature rises, many of our effect glazes are both shiny and interspersed with crystalline effects.

Kind: Effect
Acid Resistance: No  

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The indication of acid resistance has to be considered from a health point of view (according to current EU-law in regard to lead and cadmium solubility) as well as from an optical point of view of the fired ceramic (attack of the glaze surface due to acidic foods).
"Yes" means that we cannot detect any optical attack under our test conditions, while "No" means that under our test conditions an optical attack of the glaze surface can be determined. In both cases, however, no raw materials containing lead or cadmium were used in our formulations (neither with nor without labelling)!
In the case of "Contains cadmium inclusion pigment" it is assumed that the legal limit values ​​for cadmium solubility can be complied with under normal production conditions.
Due to the legal regulations, we do not make a statement regarding the suitability for dinnerware with marking "Contains cadmium frit" or "Contains lead frit".

Dishwasher Resistance: Good  

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If fired ceramic pieces are cleaned in a dishwasher, the glaze is exposed to the moving detergent solution with high temperature, which leads to an attack of the glaze surface showing evidence in either becoming more matt or, as in many cases, in getting an iridescent gloss.

The dishwasher resistance is given as "Good", if no impact can be seen. It is indicated as "Medium" if there is only a slight attack that remains constant even after many rinsing processes. As soon as the attack increases rapidly after several rinsing processes, we describe the resistance as "Bad".
Glazes with good resistance should be used when using dishes in gastronomy, otherwise it is advisable to clean the dishes by hand.


Pale green, matt to glossy glaze. Reddish, matt brown beige in a thin layer. From 1230 ° C and with thick layers, pale green with craquelure.

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Firing Temperatures Vases:
in front: 1260°C; in back: 1230°C

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